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Friday, February 2, 2024

Live at Trafo: Jena, Germany 12​-​7​-​22 2xCDr

A bit over a year ago, my dear friends (Seth Kasselman, Jay Hufman, Micah Dailey) went to Germany with me to play a few shows. We got to share one evening with the incredible, Simon Joyner! That night has been imprinted in my brain ever since. The venue was stunning, the collective was welcoming and warm, and it was relaxed and fun. I remember smiling a lot. So grateful it was captured well and can now share it!
2xCDr is limited to 100 copies. Only available for purchase here and here.

Special thank you to Stefan Haake, Matthias “Matze” Zeunert and the Trafo Collective!

For more information about the incredible Trafo Collective visit


[Disc 1]

1. If I Needed You (6:50)
Original Songwriter: Townes Van Zandt

2. He Stopped Loving Her Today (6:05)
Original Songwriters: Bobby Braddock / Curly Putman

3. Brass Buttons > Dreaming My Dreams With You (13:43)
Brass Buttons
Original Songwriter: Gram Parsons

Dreaming My Dreams With You
Original Songwriter: Allen Reynolds

5. You're Running Wild (5:47)
Original Songwriters: Ray Edenton / Donnie Winters

6. Does Love Come Easy (2:57)
Written by: Caleb Dailey / Lonna Kelley

7. If I Could Only Fly (9:25)
Original Songwriter: Blaze Foley

Caleb Dailey - Acoustic Guitar, Vox
Seth Kasselman - Electric Guitar
Jay Hufman - Bass
Micah Dailey - Casio, Noise

[Disc 2]

1. Annie’s Blues (7:24)
2. It Will Never Be This Way Again (5:26)
3. Answer Night (3:34)
4. The Arsonist (3:22)
5. Morning Sun, Slow Down (4:46)
6. Live in the Moment (4:40)
7. Time Slows Down in Dreams (4:15)
8. Nocturne (5:21)
9. You Got Under My Skin (4:01)
10. The Stolen Guitar (6:17)
11. The Actor (6:13)
12. Two Friends Take a Bow For the Record (7:06)

Simon Joyner - Acoustic Guitar, Vox, Harmonica, Cassette Loop


Recorded by Caleb Dailey & Seth Kasselman on TASCAM DR-05X and SONY PCM-A10 Stereo Handheld Recorders

Mastered by Seth Kasselman
Screen printed by Seth Kasselman & Caleb Dailey
released February 2, 2024

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