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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Live at The Trunkspace on July 18, 2023 CDr

“After a year playing the codeine country review, Caleb took his laurels to the tire fire. His newly formed sextet (billed as a quintet?) closed out a quaint Trunk Space night of guitar loops, vocal arabesque, and Mel Blanc inspired drone, with their improv city-sleeze. No solos, just an egalitarian collective conscious burning at 100% until all that was left were fumes. Completely blindsided – not every day do you get to see a group so raw but assured in their infancy. As they packed up, Mitchell Brown exclaimed, “I love jazz!,” codifying how we all felt. Satisfaction and a vague question mark hung in the air, knowing the moment had passed. “You can’t stop progress,” and Caleb is rarely one to repeat himself anyway. But this disc is frozen in time for the Moone heads. A document of Phoenix 2023, or was it 2013? A group pleading ignorance to the city’s gentrification, commodification, little sense of where they’ve been, and no plan for a next time.” Seth Kasselman 

Caleb Dailey Sextet CDr

edition of 21
CD jackets made out of recycled LP jackets
paste on art
anti-static 3mil inner sleeve
resealable outer sleeve
all individually assembled by Caleb Dailey

insert by Seth Kasselman
cover art by Micah Dailey
CD duplication by Jacob Howard

released 15 December 2023
released by:
release/catalogue number:

Monday, January 22, 2024

Stinkweeds Zine 1 & 2

Had the privilege of conceptualizing, designing, laying out, assembling and conducting interviews for Stinkweeds Zine 1 & 2. Both issues are now OUT OF PRINT, but scans have been archived on the stinkweeds blog. Issues feature interviews with Raven Sings The Blues and Tamio Shiraishi, pieces by incredible writers, Jason Woodbury, Marc Masters and Brad Rose (of Foxy Digitalis), comics by That's Not Funny Comics, mixtapes by the Stinkweeds crew and more!

Zine 001 released January 2023
Zine 002 released June 2023

Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings: Beside You Then

Released on Alien Transistor & Moone Records April 8, 2022

Forced Exposure, The BusinessRevolver/Midheaven. (US)

Alien TransistorANOST (EU)

Tower Records (JP)

"The lure of the lament is certainly the guiding light here and Dailey ably takes the inherent ramble of the songs and slows them down to a twilight crawl. Merging the current crop of Cosmic Country with its more ambient tributary, the album churns its strange magic with a disparate, but nonetheless adept crew." - Raven Sings The Blues

"...a delightful, lo-fi collection of ramshackle covers in the vein of artists like Lambchop or early Bright Eyes." - Norman Records

"...Dailey makes his own kind of Western music—wide open but bracingly intimate." - Aquarium Drunkard

"Dailey keeps things at a woozy, syrup-thick tempo, his low voice sounding like a 45rpm record accidentally played at 33 1/3. Though the songs unfurl slowly and simply, there’s plenty of space to weave hypnotic details into the mix." - Dusted Magazine